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Payment options available on all services.

We accept all major Credit & Debit Cards. Our payment method is verified and secured for all type of payments.

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Payment options available on all services.

We accept all major Credit & Debit Cards. Our payment method is verified and secured for all type of payments.

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Some questions you may have

We can repair most issues on the iPhone in as little as 15-30 minutes. 

We are available for repair appointments between the hours of 6am - Midnight 7 Days A Week. Simply book a date and time that suits you and we will try our best to accommodate. 

WE offer tree methods of repair. 

1) Book an in store appointment - (most repairs are completed on the spot)

2) Book a home or workplace call out - (most repairs are completed on the spot)

3) Post your device to us - (Most repairs are completed and dispatched on the same day we receive)

Have you broken your MOTOROLA One Screen or is it showing signs of a fault? Get your One repaired quickly and easily with Master Mobile.

Get your broken screen fixed now with a high quality One Screen Replacement. Whatever the problem on your One, we can repair it. So if you are experiencing issues with your MOTOROLA device - book a repair now. We are experts when it comes to MOTOROLA One Repairs across the UK.

You can book an appointment in store or with an approved partner, call our mobile service vehicle to your desired location such as your home or workplace or post your One for a same day repair via our UK Nationwide mail order repair service.

One Screen Replacement.

If you have broken the screen on your One, it has developed a fault or is heavily scratched and you would like this replaced - get in touch and book your One Screen Replacement Now.

One Battery Replacement.

Is your battery draining fast, not performing as it should, or is showing a battery health on your iPhone settings below 90% I'm sure you will agree, you need the battery replaced in your One.

One Rear Glass Replacement.

If you have broken the back / rear glass on your One, our team of technicians are able to repair this using the highest quality of repair parts. We replace your One back glass via the specialist laser removal method.

One Charging Issue Repair.

Are you having a problem charging your One? if your One shows signs of a charging issue, get in touch, we have a team of technicians on hand ready to help you resolve your mobile phone charging issues.

One Rear Camera Replacement.

The One camera is somewhat impressive and captures some of our most treasured memories through photos and video. If your One is broken or blurry - a quick replacement of your One camera can rectify any issues you may be suffering.

One Front Camera Replacement.

Selfies are definitely a big part of our life now, if your One front camera is faulty, we can repair this quickly and easily for you using only the highest quality of repair parts.

One Diagnostic Service.

Maybe you have an issue on your One but are not quite sure what the exact problem is, let us diagnose the issue on your broken One, Diagnostic services are free of charge if we complete the repair your diagnostic fee will be taken from the final repair bill.

One Microphone Replacement.

On a call and people are unable to hear what you are saying? Frustrating! Simply book your One for a microphone replacement and we will resolve the issue for you.

One Software Repair.

If your One is running slow, hanging on the Apple logo during boot or you have a specific software problem, our software repair technicians will be happy to take a look and resolve the issue for you.

One Button Replacement.

Stiff or non functioning buttons on your One can be a pain, lets get the defective iPhone button replaced for you using a high quality replacement.

One Housing Replacement.

If the outer housing on your MOTOROLA One is scuffed, scratched or damaged, we can replace the housing for you. One housing replacements are normally completed on the same day for any appointments prebooked.

One Speaker Replacement.

Normally, common defects on the One speakers are extremley quiet, crackly sound or just none responsive. A typical MOTOROLA speaker replacement can be done in under 30 minutes for any prebooked appointment.


Whatever the problem on your MOTOROLA One, the team at Master Mobile can help. Simply select the repair needed, choose a service delivery method and give your phone a new lease of life.

You can bring your device into a store or visit an approved partner, book a mobile service vehicle or opt to post your mobile to our Repair HQ.

Pay Weekly / Monthly One Repairs.

Accidents happen! They can also be costly just at the wrong time. We offer 0% finance options on your iPhone repair services. This means you can spread the cost of your repair over weekly or monthly payments, get the problem fixed now and worry about the repair bill later.

For more information regarding finance options see our Finance explained section.

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