Could You live Without Your Device?

We are no strangers to knowing that our mobile devices give us the world at our fingertips! Without the use of technology how would we live in today's society? Life has changed so much since phone boxes!

Get your device protected by a brand you can trust!

Something Needs To Change!

We have been paying insurance policies for years, and for what? To be told at the time of a claim that although you pay a standard monthly fee you are now obligated to pay an excess which is equal if not more expensive then the average repair cost of getting my device fixed by visiting a high street repair centre?

Device insurance is broken, together we can fix it.

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What's Covered

Accidental damage

When Disaster Strikes in way of accidental damage, not to worry! This is eligible for all benefits of your care plan.

Liquid damage

We have an 88.7% rescue rate on liquid damage! If we are unable to repair, we work tirelessly to extract your data!


If like most, your mobile phone decides not to perform as it should out of the blue, we have you covered.


Constantly cracking your screen protectors or tired of failing charging cables? With some plans we offer unlimited replacement!

Nationwide Coverage

We cover the whole of the UK, wherever you are – we are there for you and your device!

Callout Service

We can send a mobile service vehicle to your home or workplace and fix your device on the spot at the roadside. No fees applied in some plans.

Transparent Device Protection!

Our protection plans require a small monthly payment with 0 excess at the time of a claim. Your monthly payments will go towards your repair service when you need it rather than receive a huge bill to pay, receive a huge discount instead!

We have 3 plans to choose from - 25%, 50% & A whopping 75% discount off your repair cost.

Everybody Loves A VIP Experience.

We all love a bit of VIP Experience, as a Master Mobile Protection Plan customer, your device repair is always prioritized and we always try to get your device back in shape before the day is out.

With prioritized repair services we can repair your device whilst you wait in as little as 15 minutes.

Regardless if you have bought your device into store or booked a mobile service vehicle, we have a designated team of customer service advisors and technicians ready to complete your repair!

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