What is the goal?

We have been working to build a highly reliable network of technicians to repair mobile devices around the UK for a long time. We have made some great connections and now have a strong relationship with some of the best techs in the country.

Together we can build strength and trust from consumers with Unity and reliability together.

After huge amounts of research, we have designed our platform based on industry needs and wants that matter most to both our customers and the technicians who will be operating under our brand.

We have a variety of jobs available, if you would like to be part of the in house team then please take a look at the available positions.

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So, What Is an Approved Partner?

What is Master Mobile?

We have two options in place for an approved partner to join us and start completing repairs.

  1. You are a store owner already and would like to receive additional repairs and foot traffic.
  2. You are a repair tech that completes mobile repairs at people's homes or workplaces.

If you are a store owner and would like to accept Master Mobile customers in your store, you will also be able to offer call out repair services too. The end user would find and book a repair on our website, upon choosing the option to "Bring to Store" our website would produce the closest store to them, this being you, the customer would checkout and book the repair online with us.

You would then receive a notification inside of our mobile app to let you know the full details of the device repair being booked and the customer details. Upon receipt you will then have the option to accept the job or postpone.

Each partner store will have the availability they desire, when applying you will need to add your service hours to our Admin panel, this meaning we will only display times to our customers we know that you are available to accommodate.

For Ex, if you are open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday we will mark your store as available for these hours however Saturday and Sunday we will mark your store as closed/unavailable, this will allow for 0 interruptions in your personal time and leave no customer disappointed. With Call Out repairs we have a separate platform which is quick and easy to setup, a customer will have the option to book an appointment with a 3-hour window - this is normally 6am-9am, 9am-12pm, 12pm-3pm & so on.

You can again choose the times you wish to operate, and you are also able to choose the postal codes you wish to cover to, all of which can be managed from your technician account in our admin panel.

Own A Repair Vehicle?

We also cater for mobile service repair technicians. The repair booking would be sent to our mobile app as a push notification to alert you to the job. Once accepted arrive at the customers home or place of work within their chosen 3-hour window and complete the repair on their driveway or workplace carpark. This on our website incurs a £15.00 additional call out fee that would also be entered into the jobs total cost.

We would expect you to wear your Master Mobile Coat and ID Badge whilst completing this booking.

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Organisation & Job Management

Manage and organise your repair bookings and jobs inside of the mobile App.

Once a new job is received you will see this in Appointments. Once accepted you will be able to manage, update and refer to your booking information at your convenience to make the service as efficient as possible. You will also be able to contact support should you need any assistance, refer to our terms and conditions and find customer information at your fingertips. Managing staff that work for you will be a breeze, you are able to allocate jobs, check positioning and the status of each job you assign.

Keeping track of your payments is easy with our new reporting and finance tracking section. Showing records of money coming in, fees deducted and incoming pay out information all in one place.

Displaying Approval

As an approved partner, we would send you some artwork to display in your store to show the Master Mobile approval status. This would not only show you are affiliated with us, but this will also provide trust and direction to the consumer when visiting your store to have the repair completed.

Mobile Repair Technicians will also be provided with ID Cards and uniform such as coats, lanyards, t-shirts and hats too. These must always be worn when visiting a customer.

Price or Payment Management

How do we manage pricing?

Prices are set by Master Mobile Ltd; we will have a designated team to keep up with market prices and most prices will be checked weekly. You as an approved partner will complete the repair work according to our prices that the customer has paid online.

When our team are setting prices, we like to stay competitive within the industry however are very conscious of our Approved partners being compensated fairly for the labour they have completed.

How does the Approved Partner get paid?

The customer will make payment on our website, this will bring security to the bookings, meaning when making a commitment to the booking you know that your fees are safe before the customer arrives.

Once the job has been marked as completed and signed off Master Mobile Ltd Will Pay-out the outstanding balance for the jobs completed on the next working day minus any fees chargeable by MM.

Understanding Our Fees

We work on a pay as you earn process. Meaning there are no monthly fees to be a part of our team.

Once a job has been booked, accepted and completed only then will we place a charge on your account of £12.5% of the total job cost.

For example

iPhone 11 Premium Screen Replacement has been booked online in your store at a cost of £125.00 supplied and fitted inc vat.


Of course, as you would in your store already you would need to cover the cost of the repair parts used, based on market prices November 2022 for this specific model we estimate this to be £34.00 leaving you a total of £54.54 net profit from our referral.

Explained Warranties.

As standard we offer a full 90-day warranty to our end user customers as long as the device is not cosmetically damaged, cracked or affected by liquid.

We would expect you, the repair technician responsible for the original repair service to examine this for the customer and diagnose the issue. This will be at your discretion to honour the warranty or not. If you do not wish to complete the repair under warranty or would like to use our extended warranty, we would need you to escalate this to our team. As part of the process, we would ask you to photograph the customers device upon return and complete a warranty claim form showing the issues on the device in question.

We would then be able to make our own assessments and advise you on which way to proceed for the customer.

We will try our best to make this quick and easy for both you and the customer however we will also be working on 'Tech History' If this shows to many defects in previous / recent repair services we will complete an overall review on the technicians' statistics.

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